Amaechi says Education minister, Wike, is a nincompoop

Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi has responded to Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike’s statement that the Jonathan administration would arrest him after the PDP’s victory in the 2015 elections.
Governor Amaechi, speaking through his Chief of Staff, Tony Okocha said, “when the evil-plotter beats the drum for the innocent, the gods will not let it sound”.
Okocha added, “Governor Amaechi is and remains a hero in our political history.
“His prodigy in the political landscape cannot be dwarfed by never-do-wells like Wike.

“He is a great achiever, erudite scholar, incorruptible and fearless. His decision not to support President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 is borne out of principles and self-conviction. He is entitled to it.”
“Wike is one of those who ill-advised the President that opposition is punishable by death.
“See where we are today with such nincompoops around. One would expect that he is scolded for making such gutter statement, but alas it is a further meal ticket for him,” he added.
Wike had said in an interview on Friday that Amaechi would be prosecuted for misappropriating Rivers State funds and that the Federal Government knew of Amaechi’s plans to abscond after his second term was up.
Wike had said, “They can seat in Government House and approve whatever amount of money they like for Governor Amaechi to spend. But let me tell you all now, Governor Amaechi and his friends will account for all the monies that they are appropriating and spending now.
“Once the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announces the victory of President Jonathan, we will immediately shut down the Port Harcourt International Airport and all land and sea boarders in Rivers State to prevent Governor Amaechi from escaping.
“Does he think we don’t know that he is planning to run away? But he and his cohorts will not succeed. All they can do thereafter is to lock themselves inside Government House and at the appropriate time we will go there and pick them up one after another. Believe me, Governor Amaechi will surely account for all our monies that he is frittering away now. We will not allow the looters of our treasury to run away from justice.”

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