Amaechi says Education Minister can't speak English

Governor Rotimi Amaechi has escalated his war of words with the Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike, saying that Wike is not fit to be an Education minister, talkless of his successor as Governor of the State.

Amaechi who was speaking yesterday at a thanksgiving service for Senator Magnus Abe, at Bera, in Gokhana Local Government Area, said;

“Wike is not fit to be the minister of education. How do you make a man who cannot speak English the minister of education? How can Wike convince professors in the university on any issue when he can’t speak proper English?

“My Commissioner for Information, (Mrs Ibim Semenitari), speaks better English than Wike. And I am sure most of you know that she speaks English better than Wike,” he said.

Amaechi said he would ensure that Wike did not emerge as the next governor of Rivers. He said he nominated Wike to be miinster despite the availability of other more competent people due to his desire to nominate his kinsman, an Ikwerre.

He also blamed Wike for causing his defection to the All Progressives Congress due to the betrayal he suffered at the hands of his kinsman and his ambition.

Wike in response said the intellectual capacity of Governor Amaechi was doubtful.

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