Corruption: Letter to NDLEA, DHL

A friend of ours was a victim of such ill process some months ago; and his was Fedex + NDLEA. 

The NDLEA have planted themselves in all courier houses, confiscating all imports irrespective of what they are. And we thought they were only out to get drug peddlers.

Infobuddie thinks the Federal governmet needs to do something about this corruption ASAP!!! Read below th ordeal of a young Nigerian;
DHL Nigeria Please Stop extorting Nigerian Youth in Name of Custom duty in collaboration with NDLEA,

We have had enough for Our Government, so please do not add more for us. We the Mini Importers Youths of Nigeria say enough of this extortions. 

We don't want to carry arms, we don't want to be a Militants, we don't want to rooms the Street of Lagos,Abuja,P/H,Kano,Aba, Calabar with a rob on a neck called tie in the name of searching for white collar jobs that is non to be found.

Some of us are doing menial job to gather some money to import cheap goods from China and used Goods from US. For sale and make small gain to keep on hoping for a better Nigeria.Pls do the need full when good doesn't word import duty tax pls don't form Artificial tax the gain is not much pls. Check but don't extort us. 

We know very well how much billions was lost because of custom weavers. It is ridiculous how somebody will buy a goods less than $250 and pay you premium fee for shipment to Nigeria only for you to ask the person to pay the same $250 as a custom duty. While goods worth Millions of Naira of the high and mighty are entering this country free of TAX on a daily basis.

If you are affected by DHL Whala register and sign on this bill so that we forward our complain to them and copied all they relevant Authority 

One love Naija.

According to what a source told Infobuddie, Those NDLEA guys had prices for different phones. 

"The newer the phone, the higher the cost of bailing. God help you if it was a Note 3 you bought or was sent for you. the money you'll pay will almost be half the cost price."

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