I will act till I die – Chinyere Wilfred

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Chinyere Wilfred has been involved in the Nigerian movie industry known as Nollywood for years. And she would readily tell you she is not ready to quit due to the love and passion she has for acting. Her staying power, she says, is derived from the fact that she has an understanding husband. In this interview with Reporter, Lucy Ezeliora, she explores her unique world in Nollywood, reliving fond memories in her career.

In an interview with DailyIndependent, she talks about here acting career, plus more.

You just released a gospel music video; do you want to become a musician like a few others?

I had the oppourtunity to sing when we shot a movie titled Odum na akwa eke. I did the sound track. It was so lovely and different and it did well in the market. Then, this one came up; it is called Manifestation Time.

Do you hope to continue with music?

Yes, I believe God, depending on my chance out there; the more they accept it, the more I give them something else. I believe in God that people would accept it because already I am receiving calls from people who criticise music. I mean, it is encouraging.

If you weren’t an actress, what career would have appealed to?

I have not even thought of that. I don’t really know, because I have always been an actress, although, I tried being an air hostess. That is one career I have always admired as well. But I went into acting; so it is in the past.

Most of your movies have to do with emotions, so much that you shed tears a lot. How do you make the tears seem to flow naturally?

Well, it comes with a mood and when you are given a character to interprete, when you read the character and begin to feel what is happening to the character, then tears would begin to flow naturally. I don’t think of anything. I don’t have to begin to think of something else that is emotional. I don’t do that at all. I just read my script and I see the character falling in place and when they say “cut,” the tears would stop flowing.

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