Match-fixing: Sodje brothers solicitors want mobile phone records

Solicitors representing Samuel and Akpo Sodje have asked the National Crime Agency to obtain and preserve mobile phone records as part of their match-fixing investigation.

Both players were arrested in December 2013 on suspicion of match-fixing following the publication of a newspaper investigation.
No charges have been brought and they remain on bail pending further police enquiries.

Sodje's legal representatives, Whitworth & Green Solicitors, issued a statement to Sky Sports News and said they have asked the NCA "to obtain and preserve telephone billing data, relating to the period surrounding the 23rd February 2013 match."

The solicitors added: "Under the mobile service providers' disclosure policies, they will only retain mobile telephone data for a period of 12 months, before it is automatically and permanently deleted. Once this date is passed, the data is not available to be retrieved by anyone, even if ordered by a court. The data surrounding the 23rd February 2013 will very shortly be permanently deleted under these policies."

A spokesperson for the National Crime Agency told Sky Sports News: "It would be inappropriate to comment as this is an ongoing investigation."

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