Missing Flappy Bird? replacements now available

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Missing your “Flappy Bird” app? Can’t afford to shell out $1,000, let alone $50,000 for an iPhone, or other smartphone or gadget that still has the now-gone app? “Splashy Fish” and others are coming to your Flapmotional rescue, aiming to replace the popular bird that was taken down by its creator earlier.

Toucharcade reviewed four apps that are blasting out in the App Store charts, including “Fly Birdie,” “Ironpants” and “Flappy Bee.” 
Out of this lot, “Splashy Fish” and “Ironpants” get the best reviews. “Splashy Fish” works similar to “Flappy Bird” except it’s a fish and it’s swimming between posts, while “Ironpants” is a red-faced toddler-looking thing wearing underpants and a superhero T-shirt and the hero flies up when you hold your finger on the screen. 

“Splashy Fish” was released a day ago and “Ironpants” came out on Monday, so these are clear bids to replace the “Flappy.” Even rock band Fall Out Boy is apparently getting in on the act.

Of course all these new games sort of negate what Nguyen was trying to do when he pulled the plug on his prize bird. In interviews he has done since then, including this one with Forbes on Tuesday, he has blamed the highly addictive nature of the game for its demise.

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