Nigerian National League to kickoff Febraury 15

Emeka Inyama

The Chairman of the Nigeria National League, Chief Emeka Inyama, has said that the body will not postpone the February 15 kick-off date for the league.

In a statement, made in Lagos, the body said that necessary steps were being taken to ensure a hitch-free kick-off of the league.

The statement quoted Inyama as having said: “Barring any unforeseen circumstance, the league will start February 15. We’ve been in constant touch with the leadership of the NFA to consider the request of the clubs.

“I want to believe that we are on the right path.”

The statement advised all participating clubs to complete their registration formalities or stand the risk of a “heavy sanction”.

The 32-team second-tier division league had earlier been scheduled to start on January 25. But due to clubs’ complaints to the NNL on their inability to shoulder the financial burden involved in the payment of indemnities to officiating officials, the kick-off date was moved.

The clubs had appealed to the NFA to takeover the payment indemnities of match officials to prevent mass withdrawal from the league.

“But for the complaint of the clubs over the payment of match indemnities to officiating match officials, the national league would have commenced since two weeks,” Inyama said.

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