#Opinion: Should Christians be involved in politics?

 Written by:
Adesegun Realwvn ( @ThePlethoraNews )

Just a few days ago, one of my friends asked me a question on Blackberry Messenger (BBM); “Should Christians be involved in politics?” the first thing I thought of was that everybody is involved in politics consciously or subconsciously.

When only 30% or 40% of people vote, a minority can end up deciding the fate of the country.

When we don't vote in an election, we abdicate our God-given authority, making ourselves no different than an honourable who doesn't attend an house of assembly sitting during an important election.

 “For evil to triumph it is merely necessary that good men do nothing”. When a country is run badly, the first people to suffer are the voiceless.

Some Christians would say “politics is no place for followers of Christ”, “God would never want any of His people to be earthly rulers because heaven is our home”, “getting people to heaven is more important than trying to straighten out a fallen world” etc. Most Christians also believe politics is so corrupt that distance must be kept. Should we then just sit in Sunday school and sing kum ba ya? Forgetting that most of Nigeria’s governmental system was developed using Christian principles.

We are not God but we are his vice-regents on earth. The big question here is, are we raising responsible people to vote for irresponsible people?

Everybody ought to be involved in politics. We are affected either directly or indirectly on daily basis by the way our nation is managed. Some say that politicians must compromise moral principles, and that is why no Christian should strive to hold a public office. But as Christians, we are the salt of this earth; we are the light of this world; we are a city set on a hill and must not be hidden, our place is on the top, our place is to rule.

Where did Christians come up with the idea that followers of Christ have no place in human governments? Through political laws a country can protect women and children from the exploitative industry of pornography and homosexuality. Also, through political laws, the government can decide on how we are going to worship God.

It should be known that Government policies can hinder or help the spread of the gospel, deter or strengthen evil, promote or inhibit justice, encourage or suppress immorality, invigorate or stifle productivity; create wealth or breed poverty.

We often find that the greatest agents of oppression in the world are secular humanist, The traditional rights that Christians have enjoyed for centuries could be curtailed, times have changed and all political parties are now promoting the values of secularism.

God has commanded us to liberate the oppressed; our once open society is becoming increasingly hostile toward Christian values and Christian liberty. We shouldn’t just sit there and blame President Goodluck Jonathan for the mayhem happening in the country. Let us all stand up with alacrity and be the change you want to see.

The key is to realise that we are involved anyway; Join the Christian group of the party that you believe in and be an advocate for Jesus politics within it. It is our responsibility to vote, to campaign for certain candidates, and even to run for office so as to have Christians in government.

Our most basic, God-given bit of political authority is to vote in elections which determine who will represent and lead us.

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