PDP has lost its soul – Atiku

Former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, has finally opened up on the real reason he defected to the All Progressive Congress from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The Turakin Adama said he had always been interested in a people-oriented political party like the APC.

He said contrary to speculations, it did not matter to him who eventually emerged as the APC candidate in the 2015 presidential election.

The former VP told Punch that the removal of Bamanga Tukur and the appointment of Adamu Mu’azu as the PDP national chairman would not resolve the crisis tearing the ruling party apart.

He said, “The problems of the PDP are now national problems, beyond the capacity of one man. I tried as an individual to tackle it from within the fold, it did not work.

“I am not ashamed to tell you that. My APC idea is to stop the PDP from continuing to be Nigeria’s problem.”

Abubakar noted that his primary purpose of moving to the APC was not to pursue a personal ambition but to work with “like-minded persons” to provide Nigerians with the change they desired.

“The PDP is, today, a party of the establishment – the status quo. The APC is more people-oriented – a party of social democrats. And that is where I belong right from my Social Democratic Party days. I am pro-people,” Abubakar stated.

Abubakar stated that contrary to reports that he left the PDP, the ruling party abandoned him long ago.

He said, “When I was pushed out of the party (PDP) in 2006 and went back in 2009, the reason behind my action was to square up to the challenges of preserving the vision of the party.

“But, the reality is that the PDP has lost its soul. Those who call the shots now are not development-oriented and, therefore, uncomfortable with any progressive element and people-oriented ideas."

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