51% of Nigerians support Goodluck Jonathan

51% of adult Nigerians approve of President Goodluck Jonathan’s job performance in the past month, according to the latest polls by NOIPolls.
The rating represents a 10-point decline from the president’s job performance rating (61%) in the January 2014 NOI polls.
In the current poll, Jonathan had an ‘average’ ranking for his performance on economy, health, security, agriculture and food, and transportation.

However, he ranked ‘very poor’ for his performance on security, job creation, power and education.
Furthermore, the polls suggested that 40% of adults Nigerians experienced a slight improvement in power supply to their households over the past one month. But this figure represents a 4-point decline when compared to the polls the pollster conducted in January, which showed declining electricity supply to households.
The NOI polls are conducted by NOIPolls Limited on a regular basis.
Taiye Olawale, a student currently on industrial attachment and resides in Ajegunle, says the ratings are lopsided. She wonders, how, 40 per cent of adults in Nigeria could say they experienced a 40 per cent increase in power supply when for the last three days there has been no electricity in her area.
Akin Yusuf, an IT specialist residing in Abule Egba, considers the poll to be a fair estimate. Though agreeing with Olawale on the power situation in the country, he feels recently happenings in the country may have led to the decline in areas such as security, education and the economy.
Yusuf cited the Sanusi suspension, the insurgents attacks and the strikes action by ASUU and ASUP as core factors that affected Jonathan’s ratings on economy, security and education respectively.

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