#AMVCA2014: Tope Tedela was not paid for award winning role

Tope Tedela has allegedly not been paid for the role that got him the AMVCA 2014 Best Actor award.

Minutes after the actor got his award for his role in ‘A Mile from Home, respected journalist, Olumide Iyanda, wrote on Twitter, ‘Did you know that Tope Tadela has not been paid for the role that got him the #AMVCA Best Actor prize for A Mile from Home?’

He would go further to say that the movie was shot on a meagre budget and that it was almost like a labor of love as opposed to being a business venture.

‘A Mile from Home was done on a shoestring budget. The guys all came together as friends to pull it off. It’s a case of more sense than money.’

At the event, Tope Tedela would confirm that indeed the movie’s budget was absolutely low. Also the movie which was premiered since 2012 is yet to be released on DVDs.

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