[OPINION POLL] Is it wrong to fart while praying?

There are a few things that a lot of people are undecided about. Many do not know if they are wrong or right. 

Infobuddie carried out an opinion poll based on Farting while praying.

Many were of the opinion that it is a natural phenomenon and God will understand, while others felt it is nasty and wrong to do such.

Below are some of the responses from people;

Infobuddie: Is it good to fart while praying?

Joda Mary - Its wrong when you pray in islamic way. You will go and do ablusion again and if you do it more than 3 times, don't bother praying again. But thank God for Jesus Christ who has redeemed us from bondage and law and gives us grace to be called God's children. You can fart as many times as you want if you're praying to God through Jesus :)

Nnenna okoroji - It is wrong. That's nasty

Chiagoziem Akalonu - Why should anyone fart during prayer, that's disrespect. Can you fart at a Job interview office?

Oluwaseye Banjo - No its cant be controlled na........imagine you're praying the "MFM PRAYER".

Olusucre - Enyia, I think it is because you might lose concentration while releasing it.

Udomma - Fart mbok. its nature jor. Farting is nature, if it comes during prayer, well people should deal with it.

Rayhamen Owen - Have u had does silent ones during night devotion, and you wonder if others smelt it or that you offended the angels around. I make myself think its normal only if its not the loud ones whereby prayers end and you open your eyes to peek, and everyone is looking at you. Or the silent ones that make people around shout "Jesus". It's normal, Person no fit kee himself naaaah.

Bukkie Allison - It is normal. Maybe you should have excused yourself if you are praying with people around.God is concerned abt how we treat others. Muslims though, would have considered the prayer annulled. And washed all over done the ablution again. 

But when it is Just you and God...that's would be nice to also say, excuse me lord I farted and go on shows you respect that he is there with you..He made you..He knows what a fart is ;)

What is your own take on farting while praying? Please share your views.

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