Shoprite: A spot for the unclad?

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On March 7, I was so weary by sleep that I decided to hangout at Shoprite - a little walk around doesn't hurt anybody - unknown to me that I was preparing myself for a dreaded immediacy live porn.

I had first heard what I'm about to say from a friend, Stanley, but doubted it. 

Did anyone notice most ladies go to Shoprite without underwears? You may say this is the most perverted and unreasonable thing you have read this year, but like every normal person I didn't set out just to start checking out ladies butt.
I decided I wasn't going to be bothered about it but for every 5 steps I took, there was either a massive cleavage or a camel toe shoved on my innocent face.

Whatever happened to dressing modestly? As a lady, there are hundred ways to brilliantly dress without looking like a sex object. How does a professional prostitute dress? How do you dress? Compare both and you will see you are not far from what the society thinks you are. 

Truth be told, you can only attract what you are and when you dress revealing all the things that makes you dignified as a woman, then do not get mad when you fall victim of sexual harassment or exploitation.

I am not asking you to be subjected to the conservative religious or social restrictions but instead figure what impression your dressing conveys.

Many may ask what does it mean to dress modestly?

1. If you feel you can't wear a clothe to a religious setting then its not modest. Throw it away.

2. If you sit down and your skirt folds up too much then it's a capital NO. Same with bending over.

3. If you can lift your arms up and see skin pull it off.

4. Avoid tops with low necklines and/or exposed shoulders.

5. If you have to rock a leggings, do it with a long shirt and to the men, if its meggings make sure you combine it with an agbada.

PS: If you are a man and you are planning to buy the newly made male meggings, you are worse than a faggot - nobody wants to see your elephant trunk.

Meggings is an abomination, even the devil would never wear that.


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