Zakky Azzay to donate torch lights to police officers

When he set out professionally as a musician, his unique torch- bearing style stood him out instantly among the crowd. While some of those he started the journey with have fallen by the way side, 17 years down the music scene, Zakky Azzay is still standing and is releasing his eighth album entitled ‘speed’.

According to, the recent increase of crime in the country, is disturbing to the Benue State born artiste, who is planning to delve into ‘Torch Light business,’ and has promised to donate free 10 thousand torch lights to the Nigerian Police, to help them identify suspects at night.

He added that the torch light idea was as a result of the incessant power outage experienced in the country, which he feels that with a well-defined partnership with a manufacturing firm in China, he will be able to lighten-up the homes of many Nigerians.

‘Though, going into the Torch Light business, it will not stop me from doing good music. The Torch lights will be manufactured in China, with my name branded on it’, he stated.

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