Religion or Humanity?

I decided not to write until I was prepared to be a full-time blogger but there are some menaces happening in the society from the dreaded politically motivated Boko-Haram group, to the mischievous ritualists. 

Well, since I haven't witnessed any of these incidents but only read about them on digital prints, I want to talk about the evident ones.
 What are we doing to help those who need us? What are we doing to help our starving neighbours? 

Too often we are comfortable with our lives that we refuse to see those dying at our doorsteps. As Christians, it saddens me to know some churches would rather emphasize on giving to God rather than giving to the needy. "How can a man say he loves God who he hath not seen and hateth his neighbour who he sees everyday?" - I am not saying we shouldn't give to God. It's true when you give to God you receive in multiple folds, but the question is, did Jesus Christ Preach Religion over humanity?

Humanity over religion

Look at your wardrobe, some of us have clothes we haven't touched in years. What is that clothe doing in your closet? Would you rather leave it to deteriorate or for rats to feast on it or give it to the less privileged?

Christians, what is wrong with you? Have we lost all sense of what is morally right?  How dare you give a hungry man a bible? I haven't read or seen anywhere where people bake the bible for breakfast or dinner. Are we having a misconception of the saying "digest the word of God"? 

Before reaching out to people we have to understand their needs. A brother once asked a question in my church; he said on his way to church one Sunday, he met a man who beckoned on him for a plate of rice. Being With the last money he wanted to use for church offering, he gave it out. This brother asked if he had done the right thing? To my satisfaction,  the pastor told him he had not sin by doing that.

As christians, we must give all the time, in the church and outside it. Many may say this is a muslim view or another way to lash the christian race, but the truth is, I am a christian too and it pains me a lot to see a segmented church consisting of sybarites and dying people.

The truth is, till the Father comes we will always have poor people amongst us but are we even making any effort in helping our christian family?

Let us ponder on this and do what is morally and acceptably right. May God continue to give us the strength and wisdom to give without a second thought.

Kindly note this; I didn't mention other religions because there is only one God and the only link to him is Jesus Christ.



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