Top 25 Facebook pages: April 2014 -- Shakira remains most-liked

Last month, we talked about how Shakira’s Facebook fanbase was rapidly growing. Now, according toPageData, Shakira is Facebook’s most-liked person, with 87.7 million fans on the social network.
Shakira’s Facebook page has gained nearly 1 million fans in the past week and passed Rihanna as the person with the most likes on Facebook. She still trails Facebook for Every Phone and Facebook’s own page.
Shakira officially earned the honor on March 21 and shared the news with her fans in a post.
Discover which Facebook pages have the most likes by clicking below.
#NameTotal Likes      Daily Growth     Weekly Growth
1    Facebook for Every Phone413,741,416+539,003+3,832,024
2    Facebook144,365,483+68,665+445,543
3    Shakira87,849,760+134,672+993,727
4    Rihanna86,462,819+18,811+134,589
5    Eminem84,660,986+66,106+494,914
6    Coca-Cola80,905,045+32,848+311,955
7    YouTube78,947,450+13,527+103,068
8    Cristiano Ronaldo76,786,141+52,956+448,098
9    Michael Jackson72,133,022+41,962+362,873
10    The Simpsons71,717,070+22,210+155,666
11    Vin Diesel70,830,125+72,704+524,041
12    Texas HoldEm Poker70,247,014+2,840+22,967
13    Harry Potter69,870,527+50,431+378,574
14    Katy Perry66,214,187+48,562+354,613
15    Will Smith65,036,935+27,886+212,233
16    Candy Crush Saga64,945,134+59,030+448,161
17    Justin Bieber64,703,278+59,410+395,864
18    Lady Gaga64,109,805+32,529+245,644
19    Linkin Park61,001,390+25,348+181,692
20    FC Barcelona59,626,939+111,095+835,835
21    Beyoncé58,610,885+56,782+404,915
22    Bob Marley58,454,270+56,291+407,666
23    Taylor Swift58,024,730+89,229+652,435
24    Selena Gomez57,466,759+46,421+312,781
25    Family Guy55,604,989+3,285+26,138

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