Before you walk down the aisle

by Goodie ( @Goodie001 )

As a child, my wedding was one event I imagined severally!  There was a carex advert that had a lady in a ball gown wedding dress, tiara and all. I did cut out her picture and told myself I had to look like her on my special day. Though my special day has not come yet I know it will be lovely when it does.

Using my age long excitement and anticipation,  I don’t understand how brides permit certain slips. 

It is normal to experience some hitches here and there but in this day and age with the advent of planners, wedding sites,  articles and magazines -These slips can be reduced to the barest minimum on that day. 

As is expected, enough thought ought to have gone into certain details. I would make a list but will only extensively discuss one item.

Before You Walk Down The Aisle….

Educate Bridesmaids / Bridal Train on Significance of the day :
To have their conduct in order and not out of line, do yourself a huge favour and educate your train members. 

Have a rehearsal, inform the train members and plead with them to attend. Believe me, it helps extinguish cluelessness and tackiness. They need to know that it is more than taking nice Instagram pictures- which I know is important, trust me – it is also more than holding their own bouquets and feeling pretty. 

The maid of honour’s hands should be free of bouquet, fan and anything that would stop her from offering total assistance to the bride every step of the way! She is to adjust the brides outfit if ever there is a need; hold a handkerchief for the bride and when need be the bride’s bouquet. The bridesmaid “attends to the bride on the day of the wedding or marriage ceremony”. Its beyond wearing the given dress, looking pretty, taking pictures and saying aww. Its about offering actual assistance. 

Before now, maids were chosen from unwed young women of marriageable age. Principal bridesmaid, if any, is called the chief bridesmaid or maid of honour if unmarried and matron of honour if married. 

Bridesmaids are to assist the bride and can therefore feel free to assist even in planning, dropping ideas and the like. 

They are to be involved in the entire process which is why its vital that the bridesmaids are friends of the bride. This helps when tension rises and voices are raised, friends would understand that the bride is only reacting to stress or pressure of the planning. 

No gum chewing by bride or groom :
The fact that I have singled out the bride and groom does not in anyway exempt anyone on the train. I think it is preposterous that anyone on the train needs to be corrected for chewing gum at such a solemn event. If the excuse is ‘to stay awake after a stressful pre wedding night’ , a reasonable amount of caffeine in the form of dark coffee would do the trick.

No Sun Shades Should Be Worn By Any Male Member Of The Train:
No,  the shades are not cool. Not in church. If they must be worn, they should only be worn if for instance a photo session is done outdoors and in the sun.
In such an instance, my opinion is that all the groom’s men should do the same. If they won't be worn in the sun,  which is why they were created, lose them! 

To the extent that is possible, all the members of the bridal train and make up artistes should be in the same house the night before the wedding to avoid tension the next morning. It is important to get enough rest the night before. As the old saying goes “Early to bed, early to rise” . If the wedding is set for instance by 10 am, everyone should be up and about by 5:30 so that each member of the train is dressed and made up by 8:30 and departure for church is an hour before the programme.

Another valid point to consider is the distance from the brides departure point to wedding point. If it is too far, it is advisable that the bride spends the night before at somewhere like a hotel, guest house or relative’s house that can accommodate her train. This place should be close to where the wedding is to be conducted.

Compliance (by the bride in choosing her dress) with traditions and expectations of the church:
This helps avoid embarrassment on the wedding day. In my home church, there are sashes and bolero’s sewn and set aside for brides that are found wanting.

Use tested and trusted vehicles in conveying all important parties to the wedding. : This can not be overstressed.

Have a test run and extensive discussion with Disco Jockey :

The DJ should be given a playlist. I strongly suggest this!

It is wise that songs that reflect both the mood of the day (being love and joy) and the preference of the couple are played. I have been at a wedding where the DJ played ‘windeck’ as the couple was being welcomed into the reception. 

In summary, I was shocked beyond words. This is something that a simple discussion and appropriate wedding playlist would have avoided. 

Have A Tete a Tete with the MC:
It is not wise to allow anyone be the Master of your ceremony without at least hearing them speak publicly or at another ceremony. You need to ensure they would not turn your event to ‘lewd joke show’ or personal promotion avenue. Adequately inform the MC the calibre of guests coming in order for him to behave appropriately and acknowledge the presence of dignitaries. 

Invite people that have close and personal connection with the couple:

This helps to not only avoid a rowdy event but to ensure that the guests pay attention from item one to seven (which is usually the time when meals are served) and even after. If the guests have personal connection with the couple, they would have interest in the different events that take place or that the couple has planned.

I love weddings and so I always pay attention anyway, but I get upset when I see other wedding guests literally struggling for extra plates of food and souvenirs (speaking of which, should be prepackaged and shared in a manner that would not distract guests) as the groom tells the audience how he felt when he first met his bride.

The Bride’s Makeup:

I’ve been made to understand the subtlety of the ‘solemnization of vows’ its a solemn event and so it follows that the makeup should be subtle. Most especially the lip colour -I don’t support red. I personally advice that brides use nude, light pink lips or any lip colour that is not too dark or too light.

Its basically wise to avoid loud make up. I also advice that hair should either be held up totally or in a bun,  basically away from the brides face. There is enough time and space to let it down at the reception. That ‘rebel bride’ or ‘not-your -average-trend-following-bride’ move DOES NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE. Know what suits you and do it, do not copy anyone. Have a pre make up trial with your make up artist. 

Heres a list of suggestions.
Dear bride,
Planners – Selorm events : 08182822558, 08168836688 
Make up artistes:
DSylla- 07032028786
Honey Touch Makeovers-08038961263
Miss suzie- 08058816492
Avril Photography 
Montana Concepts n Planners . msAkinmade- 08129011294
And of course for after the wedding don’t hesitate to call me to give your new home a make over 

gudoachanayaro@yahoo.comPcb_interiors_ {on instagram}

All the best as you walk down the aisle!

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