[PICTURE] Issues with the first Made-in-Nigeria SUV by @Nissan

The image above was updated on the President's Facebook Page yesterday with the caption "President Goodluck Jonathan Test Running the First Made-in-Nigeria SUV earlier Today as Part of Activities Marking Democracy Day 2014."

The Car is said to be a Nissan Patrol, the first ever made in Nigeria SUV.

The question is;
1) why should Nissan start with a high-end car?
2) How many Nigerians can afford their very own home-made car? 
3) Who drives Nissan Patrol? why not start with the common Nissan cars Nigerians buy? 

Just maybe, Nissan has political officials as their target market and not the masses. 

However, kudos to the President for this achievement. He also stated that locally assembled Nissan cars will be exported to other countries - a vision, which his administration to is close to realising.


  1. nice wan mr president,will appreciate ur kindness.God bless u sir

  2. Good work. Kudos..#Jesus_saves

  3. Kudos to Nissan. at least, some people will get employment (multiplier effect for Rents, food, banking, transport, fees and bills)
    and some materials, food and water, furniture, fuel, lube oil, plastics ets. would be sold to or around the Company ..... real market.


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