@DoyinOkupe wants us to fast for 40 days against Boko Haram...See responses from Nigerians

Doyin Okupe, the Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to President Goodluck Jonathan took to Twitter some hours ago to talk about the insecurity issues of Nigeria in a rather … enterprising way.

Below are his tweets and response from Nigerians;

1) Doyin Okupe - My bible tells me I am fearfully& wonderfully made, an annointed of God A royal priesthood. I am special my friend

@flavagasted - Now @doyinokupe is trying a new career #PastorDoyin.

2) Agbanilagbatan: He who delivers totally, Agbeninijakerubaonija: He fights our wars fearfully, Akomatikalehin: Neverbcksdwicked JEHOVA is His Name

@alayaabdul1 - @doyinokupe Sure- God will not back Govt that stole $20B, N1.5 Trillion subsidy, N250B pension fund, N45B SURE P. they'll burn in HELL. Amen

3) Elijah was a man like me.B4 God whom I serve my pronouncements over Boko Haram shall come to pass IJN.Alewilese will answer us.Thanks folks.

@ucheabolo - @doyinokupe We elected GEJ to solve our problems, when we see elected officials 'committing' our problems to God, it smacks of inefficiency

@apcyouthomoodua - @doyinokupe Even the DEVIL knows the scriptures!

4) I am not corrupt in anyway. There is nothing I hv I cannot account for.

@JanguzaArewa - @doyinokupe yep just like Jona tried 2 convince us dat $20blln didn't disappear from national accnts bcuz "America will know". please, return 2 ur hosanna tweets. Even armed robbers after "successful" operations thank God 4 the bounty!

5) #JehovahExposeBHsponsorsin40days #JehovahAriseDefeatBokoHaramIJN #JehovahBBOGIJN Lets all say dis prayers dly for 40days God will answer us

@mcspella - @doyinokupe so after queuing up in d sun 2 vote u in, we still have to do fasting and praying 4 God 2 solve d same problem we voted u in 4?

@ogundamisi - New Minister of Defence in Nigeria arcording to @doyinokupe is "Jehovah" he (Jehovah) also "waks" from the 1 Trilion Naira  security budget

@Aruwa - @doyinokupe mr man, it's not Jehovah dat consumes the tax payers money!!! So please don't try to come here to brainwash pple

@bunmola2010 - @doyinokupe Oga Doyin let us allow God rest on this sabbath day and divert this request to service chiefs

@ogbeche77 - @doyinokupe But the leaders in the most advanced countries don't demand it citizens 2 pray 40 days instead of doing their job

6) Brother I hv 2dy received all this cos I blv(believe) & rely on d(the) Almighty God.Keep yr cool & see what God will do. I know d God I serve

@thinkertoon - @doyinokupe - Can SOMEONE tell DOYIN to SPELL fully/correctly? This is a PUBLIC MEDIA

7) Resorting to God on issues is not abdicating responsibility or cluelessness. Prov 3v6' acknowledge Him in all yr ways& He ll direct yr path'

@diran_kamar - @doyinokupe nothing pains me than seeing clowns in aso rock......gain d world and rot in hell fire

@kaytemmy123 - @doyinokupe Millions of Nigerians are already praying against BH, the physical requirement is for GEJ to pin down & destroy BH and sponsor.


  1. At this level singing and dancing to Gospel music is the only weapon God need to handle boko haram....2nd Chronicles 20, 21-23

  2. Singing & Dancing to Gospel music is the answer....At this level, prayer & fasting will not be as effective as Singing and Dancing to Gospel music. With Gospel Music God comes down himself.....

    "Then he explained his plan & appointed men to March infront of the Army and praise the Lord for his Holy Power bysinging....

    "Praise the Lord!
    His Love Never Ends"

    As soon as they began singing, the Lord Confused the enemy camp, so that the Ammonite & Moabite Troops attacked & completely destroyed those from Edom. Then they turned against each other & faught until the entire came was wiped out!" ...2nd Chronicles 20, 21-23.


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