#LifeLessons101: This is the reason people lose happiness - by @legacycharles

Your freedom and happiness are largely determined by the number of alternatives that you have developed in case your first choice doesn’t work.  The more thoroughly developed your options and alternatives, the more freedom you have.

If one course of action doesn’t develop as you expected, you will be fully prepared to switch to something else.

The very exercise of developing alternatives enables you to think more clearly. The more choices you have, the freer and more flexible you can be. The more choices you have, the more likely it is that one of them will work and enable to you achieve your goal.

Almost every failure you experience will be because of an incorrect assumption that you have made and accepted without question. It is helpful for you to clarify and question your assumptions, especially when things are not going as well as you expected.

What are your assumptions?  What are your explicit assumptions? the ones you are clearly aware of? What are your implicit assumptions, the unconscious assumptions that you may be accepting without question? What if your most cherished assumptions were wrong?  What changes would you have to make?  How would you change your course of action if something that you were assuming to be true turned out not to be true at all?

Whenever you make the right decisions and you achieve your goals on schedule, it is because the assumptions that you were operating on turned out to be consistent with the reality of the situation. Whenever you experience failure, setbacks and resistance, it usually means that there is something wrong with your basic premises, your assumptions. My little experience in life has schooled me through the crucibles of change and mental re-orientation.

Life as a corp member, a business consultant, an administrator and a prolific writer has taught me a lot of lessons. I have learnt many lessons on success which can be achieved by having a superior mind.

Your willingness to question your assumptions, to test your assumptions against reality, combined with the willingness to accept the possibility that you could be wrong, is the kind of attitude that will ultimately lead you to great achievement. 

Flexibility is perhaps the most important single quality you can develop to succeed in business in our fast changing economy. It is the mark of the superior mind.


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