#LifeLessons101: Your relationship with money and how it affects you - by @legacycharles

Money is an energy of exchange. It is energy that passes between two people. When people exchange money for goods or services, they are having a business or financial relationship.

Therefore, money is a symbol of relationships, and the way you deal with money is the same way you deal with your relationships.

Let me rephrase that: Money is energy passing between two people, and how you deal with money is how you deal with your relationships – with yourself and with others.

Just as you have feelings about people relationships, you have money feelings, and they are usually similar to your other relationship feelings. As a matter of fact, your financial situation is a means for you to express deep feelings. Once you understand which feelings you are expressing through your money, you can work to express those feelings in a healthier manner and change your financial situation.

Think about it –- isn’t financial security a feeling? Some people feel financially secure with very little available cash. Others think they need more even when they have millions in the bank.

Financial security has nothing to do with how much you have, it is about how you feel. Your relationship with money can tell you a lot about yourself.

For example: If you think other people are going to cheat you financially, you’re afraid of being abused or manipulated. If you’re stingy, you’re afraid of love/intimacy. If you are worried about running out of money, you’re afraid of being left alone or of abandoning ourself.

If you never have enough money, it’s because you believe you’re not enough. If you often say, “I’m broke,” you feel broken or wounded inside.

If you are never able to buy things you want, you feel deprived, usually of love. If your money is out of control, so are your feelings. If you need to be rescued financially, you may be feeling needy, alone and unloved. If you often borrow money, you think you deserve more than you receive (emotionally).

If, when you look at your bank balance you feel ashamed, you’re ashamed of yourself. When you go to buy something and you get a gripping feeling around your heart, you’re feeling like a bad girl or boy.
If money slips through your fingers and you never keep enough for yourself, you don’t think you deserve

Some Suggestions

Getting in touch with your money feelings is important if you want to feel prosperous and financially secure. Use the following techniques to tune into what you are expressing through your money:

1. When you start worrying about money, rephrase the problem in terms of relationships. For example, if you are saying, “I have no money and I’m not generating any clients,” you are probably feeling alone and invalidated. You may be expressing the thought “Nobody loves me.” Or, you may feel disconnected from your Self, which leads to feelings of aloneness.

2. When you are paying bills or buying something, notice what you are feeling. Are you feeling fear? What are you really afraid of? Here again, don’t use the word money in answer. Try to see what is going on in terms of relationships. If you are afraid of running out of money, it means you are afraid of being alone; you can’t run out of money, you can only run out of people because money is always attached to people!

3. Once you identify the feelings associated with your money, think back to the earliest time that you can remember when you felt the same feelings. Express the feelings to whomever was involved in your life story at the time by writing a letter that you don’t actually send, sharing the feelings with someone else, or with whatever emotional clearing technique works for you.

The idea is to express, as deeply as possible, the feelings you are acting out through your money. If you are afraid to do it alone, share the feelings with someone who can listen to your pain without getting involved.

Expressing the feelings will helpyou change your financial expression.


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