Reasons you should #GoFashion or #GoFootball...choose a passion

Over the past few days, many may have seen the hashtags, #GoFootball and #GoFashion on Microblogging website, Twitter, but are unable to decipher what exactly it means.

If you are in that category, here's what it's all about. It is a debate concerning Fashion and Football - which has the most passionate followers in Nigeria?

How did it all start?

It all started during the Lagos Fashion and Design Week, which ended last weekend - November 1st. The question of which had the most followers was raised, and that's how the hashtags became part of your timeline.

Championed by influential fashion personality, Lanre Das Silva (leader, Team #GoFashion), and Nigerian Football legend, Daniel Amokachi (leader, Team #GoFootball), the debate went On Air via Radio and later on TV.

Football fans pitched themselves against Fashion followers on Twitter. We were able to capture some of the tweets sent by passionate Fashionistas and Football fans.

"I'm with team #GoFashion cos I don't really get any benefits from Football but to some extent Fashion makes me stand out. #GoFashion" - @Proud_EkitiGirl
"You need a Silver spoon before you can be a big fashion designer in Nigeria. #GoFootball not #GoFashion" - @NigeriaNewsDesk
"Confidence composes more than 50% of your looks. Fashion gives confidence. Any questions? #GoFashion" - @adeola_pumpkin
"if you can overcome the pain of defeat in a word cup final, you can overcome the pain of heartbreak #GoFo0tball" - @Thesocialglitz
"Big issue with the fashion industry is its exclusive nature. "You're not cool enough to sit with us." Football is the opposite. #GoFootball" - @TRENDSQUAD01

In as much as various individuals may have their reasons why they believe Fashion or Football is more valued by Nigerians over the other, there are things both passions possess.

Globally, fashion is worth $1.5 trillion - Nigeria claims the industry is worth about $10 billion locally. While football is said to be worth about $20 billion.

A lot of people will argue that Fashion is inevitable as the jerseys used by Footballers is as a result of Fashion. But then again, Football can't be written off as a minor to Fashion as it's one of the biggest industries that greases the palm of Fashion through endorsements and kits.

With Football, it is not usually about inevitability, but the power it wields. Fashion designers such as Adidas, Puma, Nike, Kappa, Joma, and many more are all benefiting from football's huge market. It is the world's most popular sport.

Some people may judge the passion for Football above Fashion based on the number of TV viewers (over 2 billion people were said to have watched the FIFA World Cup in Brazil earlier this year). However, we should not forget that even those viewers had some designer clothes on. The highest view for a fashion show is about 15 million viewers.

Whichever side you choose, Fashion and Football need each other. You decide your passion.

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