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Manchester United have been criticized by a lot of football analysts this season, as expectations, based on the team's seemingly high profile signings, have supposedly been cut short by a slow start to the 2015/16 season.

United's record in their first three games have seen them record two wins (1-0 against Tottenham, 0-1 against Aston Villa) and a draw (0-0 against Newcastle). 

The big question is... are they really disappointing?

We must agree that this team is a work in progress but still play good football.  They defend well, they close up well, they move the ball around and there's good distribution. 

They play as a unit and are hard to penetrate. Three clean sheets in four matches is proof that a team is compact. The only goal conceded was an unlucky Michael Carrick own goal vs Club Brugger in the UCL play offs first leg in Old Trafford.  

They have good width too. Depay and Januzaj ensure that, while their full backs‎ Shaw and Darmian overlap,combine well with their respective wingers for fire power on opponent full backs. 

But one thing they miss is a finisher. A point man. A centre forward. ‎Rooney is struggling, a parody of his old self while Chacharito isn't offering much. Some say this is why United passed on signing Pedro - that they need a forward more than they need a winger. 

They need Wayne Rooney to start delivering the goals or find a striker who will before the window closes. The earlier the better.  

A good defense, all by itself, do not win you titles. ‎If this CF conundrum isn't sorted out by United they will be winning or drawing or losing matches by slim margins. 

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