#FCBarcelona: Dear Neymar, Suarez The Time Is Now! - by @batundemusic

Alarm bells rang amongst Cules when it was announced that Lionel Messi will be out for 7-8weeks. Many panicked on the thought of losing Messi for 8weeks. Which club won't panic? Losing the best player in the world and one of the finest players in the history of football to injury is sure to give any club a heartbreak.

It is old news that Barça' season has not been rosy so far. Several key players have been hit by injuries ; Jordi Alba, Claudio  Bravo, Neymar(mumps), Dani Alves, Rafael Alcântara (commonly known as Rafinha). The club has struggled to hit the dizzy heights of last season barely scraping results from matches and losing some embarrassingly. The FIFA ban is still in place and January is still a long destination.

FIFA's hard stance on the issue of registering Arda Turan makes it harder because of the lack of depth in the squad. These are real trying times for the club.

There is however a part of the whole narrative most Cules are blind to. ‎They see the glass as half empty and not half full.  Neymar and Suarez have always operated in the shadow of Leo Messi despite their huge contributions to the MSN trio. If there is any opportunity for both players to show they can lead the team to glory, it is now!

The race for the Ballon D'Or is heating up and the third man to share the podium with the Messi-CR7 duopoly ‎is still a topic of debate among football fans. Neymar is seen as an understudy to Messi and also the future of FC Barcelona, still many fans have that notion of doubt about him. This is his opportunity to prove himself. Suarez as an elite striker and one of the best centre forwards in the world has a stronger advantage to be the 3rd man after being voted as the 2nd runner up in the UEFA Player of the Year award.

Many teams will see the absence of Messi as a weakness and opportunity to hit the club. They may underestimate the strength of the team and this can work in Barça' favour if both players step up and play selflessly. The priority should be the progress of the team and not the 3rd man Ballon d'Or space.

Competing for the 3rd man Ballon d'Or space would make the absence of Messi an individual contest match within the team which can only hurt Barça' chance of winning silverware. On the other hand, seeing this period as an opportunity to take the mantle of leadership and jointly hold fort will lift the team.

This is a make or break period for Barça. The strength of the team and worth as champions is being put to test. Suarez - Neymar stepping up will finally put to bed Messi-dependencia‎.

Who says Neymar and Suarez can't even share the podium with Messi? It has happened before and can happen again that Barça had all top three candidates for the Ballon d'Or.

Over to you, Neymar and Suarez. 


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