An Open Letter to Nigerian Youths: A Call to Act Selflessly

It is not a rare occurrence in today's Nigeria to find economic and medically disabled citizens beg for alms tirelessly, seek medical aid without attention and ultimately visit churches / mosques and religious houses in search of redemption. What is rare however and gradually going extinct is the mantra "Be your brother's keeper" and if this trend isn't nipped in the bud, we risk losing a humane future void of kindness and unadulterated service to mankind. 

From states to catchment areas and geo political zones, you find Nigerians that have lost the basic act of sensitivity and conscious affection. We are either afraid of our neighbour's unknown intentions or chose reclusiveness with an "I don't care" attitude buoyed by an unwise sense that we aren't the victims. From due research, one finds that It never used to be so as the Nigerian environment, one of the greatest gifts God gave mankind used to be flocked with uncommon humanitarians, colossal givers and those who had goodwill and sympathy for the least of their neighbours. That period indeed people say was memorable and that memory, now dashed away critically has contributed to our derelict condition of today.

The times have changed some people opine as current overwhelming travails and challenges bedevilling the nation leaves little for sensitivity and affection. In local parlance, it is tagged "All man for himself" as the pattern of giving selflessly and having concern for others and not one's self alone is termed as having died out. This isn't arguable as records show millions of Nigerians indeed facing hardship and tough times yet however the case is at the moment, persons who are touched by the feeling of human kindness (as all hands aren't equal) still elect to make sacrifices at levels that suit their peculiar circumstances. This is antiquity reemerged. It is where one finds hope imbued as a fulcrum and gives it to those who have no inclination as to where the next meal or school fee payment will arise from.  Somewhere in the heart of mainland Lagos, you find these set of individuals called THE FOODCLIQUE SUPPORT INITIATIVE (FCSI) TEAM. Maybe not the regular team you'd think of as these are a poised group of young professionals aiming to ensure the plague of hunger is drastically entrenched from our children, widows, senior citizens and all food deprived fellows. They are living an indelible mark, promoting social harmony through various programs and ultimately ensuring food is served for those in need and food waste is curtailed for those with much.

The problems we face daily are endless and unrelenting, thus the least we could do is come together as youths and passionate citizens of this would be great nation and make sincere attempts to find solutions to the many problems facing us. if we point fingers from dusk till dawn, January till December till eternity the problems stays unattended to, so rather than wait for those that are barely affected we should rather act. we can continue to complain about the greed and corruption in our country but don't you think we have already adopted greed as a norm in our lives? if in our perception success is only associated with affluence and fame, while the act of being our brothers keepers, giving to the needy and helping others to actualize their dreams at no cost is perceived as recklessness or sometimes foolishness, how can we see charity and the act of doing selfless good individually or collectively as the first steps to finding lasting solutions to the numerous challenges facing us now and vehemently threatening to snatch the future we hope to be leaders of? 

For FCSI, the race against hunger is a daunting but achievable task.  Their zest, passion and drive for a country without hunger is unrivaled as they show this in various programs / summit and empowerment schemes held across Lagos. With lack of major funding and grants being a hindrance to some lofty heights project (such as a standard food bank) they plan to attain, they're still unfettered and undettered as since 2011 upwards, they have provided meals for several thousands of Nigerian citizens, empowered hundreds to become self reliant and wholesomely put hope and smile again on widows, senior citizens and children. It is their fervent wish that many more youths especially will be found in the forefront of selfless philanthropy, driven by an overflowing meekness for the lot of the fatherless and widowed. 

According to their  Director of Operations - Olasunkanmi " Most Nigerian youths dream of being Rich, Sexy and Famous. All we ever dream of is to be a solution to one out of the numerous problems facing us and hampering our socio-economic development as a nation. We give God all adulation and praise for every success we achieve in our quest to actualize our individual dreams but how do we achieve the dream of being rich, sexy or being famous if even the slightest of needs of man some can barely achieve. How do you dream on an empty stomach? "

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