5 Tools Every Bachelor Crib Needs

Being a single guy living alone can be a drag, worse off when it's in Lagos, pheww!! But here are 5 things you may not have thought of, that could make it less... ummm... stressful.

Secret Tool 1: ketchup
Yes! Tomato Ketchup. It is well known that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Alright ,  why not show yourself some love with secret tool 1.  Ketchup is awesome and makes everything taste better, with sweet and sour mix of tomatoes and vinegar . Out of mayo, peanut butter , regular butter , well never fear ketchup's  here. Also ,  goes well on yams potatoes, pancakes and the list goes on.

Secret Tool 2: Remote control phone
Have you ever wondered where the heck is your Tv, AC, DVD Remote? Well, I have , all the time. Well, secret tool 2 solves that big wahala. All your remotes in one place , and always on you. If you are already in the market for a new phone, get one with infrared, like the Gionee M5 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. And get the peel app.

Note: This is not an ad.

Secret Tool 3: Scented candles
This is where romance kicks in. As a certified black belt romance ninja, I tell you nothing gets you to the promise land better lavender. Secret tool 3 set the mood, lights up your crib and is very a romantic touch, for a romantic night. 

Secret Tool 4: Dumbbells 
Before we go any further, I would like to say that I recently joined FAT (Friends Against Training) people movement and I was put in the fitness protection program for my own good😉. Now , why dumbbells ?  Simple, you don’t have to lift them, but nothing stops your crib from looking the part. Plus ladies dig a fitness buff or the idea of it.

Secret Tool 5: Condoms 
Tool 5 isn’t much a secret, but it's the only tool that keeps your bachelor’s crib free of baby mama drama and keeps it that way as long as you want. Therefore, it is the ultimate secret tool. 
Quick advice; Always have a healthy stash of CDs around, but never in the same place! I repeat, Never in the same place!!, because, them chics, “ they do be crazy “.

Well, that's all folks , like and comment. And look out for 5 funny jobs in Nigeria.

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