@sisiogelagos pens down her thoughts on #Oscars2017

Communications Expert/Analyst, Ireti Bakare-Yusuf has penned down her thoughts on the Oscars 2017.
Let's talk #Oscardiversity. Firstly this to total bullshit. It's the kind of poo that stinks from earth to the high heavens. The kind of stench that can't be disguised by the most deliriously expensive perfume.

Isn't it incredible how we (black folk) are forced to celebrate, embrace & applaud the 21st Century white- tokenism called diversity? Isn't it sad how our talents, ambitions & success are still both defined and constrained by White supremism? Did the house-Nigger really make it to the Masters Boardroom?

Like many of you, I also woke up in Lagos, Nigeria (Africa for those unfamiliar with this geo-location), elated that everybody's Actress Crush and one of my favorite actresses of modern times; Viola Davis had won Best Supporting Actress. Fantastic! Brilliant! WOW and I enthused and enthused even more! Then suddenly the lights came on! Oh! dear Lawd here comes those damn questions again; Wait a minute, How? Why? What? WTF? Isn't Viola Davis the leading actress in Fences? So how why did she just win #BestSupportingActress & how or why did she sign up to that? Like WTF is going on?! So yet again I have to vent this nonsense out.

I'm NOT gonna incubate these cancerous injustices because "we're celebrating" ENOUGH already!! If I hear "diversity" once more, I will diverse my fist in someone's face. #OscarSoWhite2016 gave birth to #Oscardiversity 2017.

It's time we stop being grateful to white folks because they allow a few of us through the gates. It's time we break the chains of gratitude & yell out our collective. It's time we refute "their" definitions of us and command a celebration of ALL!

Yes, of course, we are tired! Who wouldn't be? Perennially fighting and battling for that four-syllable noun- EQUALITY can be exhausting and weary both mentally & psychologically. But we cannot, we must not continue to permit those who merely tolerate us, to define what celebrates us. No more free pat on "their" backs for "Diversity".

VIOLA DAVIS should have won BEST LEADING ACTRESS! She was NOT supporting, She was NOT second. SHE is the LEADING ACTRESS of Fences. And that, ladies & gentlemen, is a FACT which requires no ADAPTATION!
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