FOUR LETTERS - by @bellaxville

I can't build walls
But I can build words.
I can't solve equations
But I can do money calculations or maybe baby numbers.
With sands and stones, a wall emerge
With the twenty six letters or even less,I'll wire words that's solid enough to ruin any wall but with numbers, I could take forever.You know hate
But it's just a bait
A bait to take away all of your humanity
Leave you broken and in total darkness that seeps out your inner peace.

You know love
But seems a bore
You've not felt it but need to feel it
I can't describe it but I can help you feel it.

It's so gradual you almost won't know it's there...
It courses through your every marrow and gives you peace
Allow it settle and you feel light as a feather at the mercy of the wind.

It's amazing how the eighth letter of the alphabet  is H:HATE  but LOVE at the twelfth. 
If my calculations are right,twelve minus eight equals four.
There you have it. The four letter word LOVE
Now you can feel it.

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